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The Details Matter

XXXocet Madness!


 As I arrived at Miata Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, my eyes immediately locked on to an incredible and unique go kart looking vehicle. I saw that there was a Cadillac LS-A power plant.  I decided to learn more about it. This vehicle can be summed up in a few words: powerful, rapid, and exhilarating.DSC_0361DSC_0371Ian McGuiness and his father, Jim, teamed up to design and create this eye watering thrill ride together.  The idea arose out of an unfortunate motorcycle accident that Jim was in.  After being in an 11 week coma, he agreed to never ride a motorcycle again. Still missing the speed of the bike, he decided to create a four-wheeled monster that would out perform many motorcycles.   Both Ian and Jim were interested in the Ariel Atom, but they wanted something they could register and drive on the Massachusetts roads.  The eight Miata’s that Ian had up until now, gave him the idea to use this body for the car.  He was also in the know that Exocet Kits built by Flyin' Miata had just hit the market.  Ian completed research and spec’d out the whole car.  Ian sent me to the XXXocet build page to view the photos of the build that Flyin' Miata took during each stage and it was very impressive!DSC_0307-EditSFD_1868After the show, I went to their house to prepare for some rolling shots.   We discussed the drive and what I would need from them in order to land the shot. Ian drove me while I captured the XXXocet along the back roads of  eastern MA. After a while, I was able to feel the power of this car. This monster kept a smile on my face, mostly from being so thrilled at the power and speed over the pavement. I laughed and was so happy to be in this ride. I have been in some crazy cars, but this took the cake!  This drive was hands-down insanity!DSC_0288-Edit DSC_0314The power that is unleashed at quarter throttle in 5th gear was close to what it felt like in a McLaren P1 accelerating. Ian explained that this acceleration is close to that of a Hennessey Venom GT.  This is a 556 horse power engine in an 1800 lbs. go-kart. Out of this world!DSC_0375 SFD_1902 DSC_0380Keeping it to the details.   In case you want the spec list:

Exomotive Exocet Sport Kit

GM LSA E-Rod emissions compliant crate motor

Tremec T56 Magnum transmission

Cadillac CTS-V Getrag differential

V8 Roadsters tubular front subframe for LS-X engines

Flying Miata radiator/fans

Nascar Car of Tomorrow wing

Aim Sports MXL2 dash and datalogger

Tillet B6F XL Carbon seats

Miata Performance Parts:

AFCO Coilovers

Wilwood big brake kit

15x9 Traklite Holeshot wheels with 235 Toyo R888 tires

Blueprinted hubs

Miata Stock Parts:

Rear subframe

Steering Column

Control Arms

Fuel Tank

Some Wiring