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Porsche Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum


Driving early morning from Westminster I watched the fog sit comfortably across the wetlands on either side of the road. On my journey I stopped to get a hot chocolate (small hot chocolate in a medium cup and the rest filled with milk). What a perfect way to start this much anticipated Porsche event at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA. Usually every weekend there is a car event held. It might be Antique Car Day on Saturday and then Micro Car Day on Sunday of the same weekend.DSC_0003 DSC_0048-EditDSC_0092DSC_0068As I arrive early the lawn is already half full. People were excited to get a good position to display their Porsches with the castle like museum in the background.  As I walked into the entrance I spot Joe Moccia and his orange Porsche 914.  All of Joe’s cars have had these tweed floor mats. The orange and black ones in this one to match the car fit perfectly as they would have made a wonderful option when they came out.DSC_0029DSC_0099DSC_0020Walking around I spotted someone sitting on a chair in front of a Porsche 356 Spyder drawing the car. I watched him for a little while as I was impressed with his work. Later on at the end of the day he was walking down the hill and I wanted to see if he finished the photo. The man behind the drawing is Mike Paige at Mike Page Studios. The best vendor in my opinion is Diyver with their custom made chairs using seats from different models. It was nice to  take a load off my feet and take a quick rest as they were very comfortable.SFD_5114DSC_0145SFD_5123DSC_0063DSC_0108 The one thing that was really different about this whole event that threw me off guard was that a good friend of mine Jacques Baudin, the owner of a black GT3 was not there. This year he headed out to another country to continue life overseas. Him and his family would come to this show every year but also attended many other events at the museum. We would always converse about the cars at the show and family.  KMC brought an array of Porsches as that is a vehicle they specialize in and modify for race spec.SFD_5076 SFD_5093DSC_0087DSC_0005Keeping it to the details!  Edited by: Stephanie Montaquila 

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