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Vic Yerardi Memorial Show 2015

Working with a range of people has afforded me the opportunities and friendships that I have made throughout the past few years. It is great when one calls to work a show in memory of a loved one. Ted Yerardi’s event this past weekend was in memory of his father. Knowing Ted and Peter Ladas, I happily accepted.
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The show was held at Adesa Boston in Framingham MA, which is where they hold car auctions. I arrived an hour before the show, walking around to see who was an early bird like me as well as to see if any help was needed setting up before people started driving in. My goal is to help out so everything runs smoothly and efficiently. The smoother the day, the easier my job is.
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 I worked with Stephanie McKay, a laid back, beautiful model that Ted had for the show. This was our first time working together and I hope to work with her again. We had an engaging time walking around talking to people and snapping some shots of her posing next to the cars. She was excited to be able to sit in some, especially Bob's blown 67' Camaro.
At around 11:30, Karl Lensing landed his helicopter on the tarmac and picked me up so that we could get aerial shots of the show. Capturing the cars from the ground is one thing; getting them from above is a game changer.SFD_6375
 SFD_6246 SFD_6243SFD_6252 SFD_6272SFD_6381
John Tirrell brought his race truck filled with Italian race cars. His Ferrari 550 GTC and the F355 Challenge are always a crowd pleaser. Paul Russell brought a Ferrari 250 PF Cab 1 and Copley Motorcars brought the Ferrari 288 GTO and Ferrari 365 Daytona, both which are for sale. Jim at Old Timer Restorations took home yet another Best in Show trophy with his 1960 Mercedes 220 SE , just after bringing home The Best in Show trophy for The Boston Cup with a different Mercedes, the 300 SC.SFD_6368
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One of the most unique vehicles to show at the event was Ray’s Spyker C8. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen the car, there is nothing more elegant and out there. The interior alone looks like a fighter plane with toggle switches and aircraft aluminum throughout. The uniqueness of the car is only one way it is set apart from other exotic cars.
SFD_6003SFD_6300 SFD_6299 SFD_6304
Rene Rancourt, the phenomenal singer for the Boston Bruins, was in attendance and posed with many of the attendees. People were excited to see and try on the shiny Stanley Cup ring that he wore.  Also a cover band Gainsville Road, accompanied everybody with tasteful music.
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All together for the first show that Ted has put on, it was very well executed. As the day progressed some of the cars started their engines to let out some loud bellows and show what kind of raw power they posses. I was still energized at the end of the day and had enjoyed this eventful memorial show.
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