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My 1st experience at the Amelia Concours (2014)



As the Amelia Island D’elegance Concours is around the corner, I began to think about my first year attending in 2014. Though many things happened during those four days, I wanted to share some snippets of the trip.


1937 Horch 853 Best of Show Concours De EleganceDSC_0082-2

1957 Ferrari 250GT Tour de France  ZegatoDSC_0032

2014 SRT Viper T/ADSC_0135Toyota Supra

I had learned about the event through Boston Cup organizer Rich Doucette. He arranged for me to meet up with Paul Wuori, who I would join in driving from the airport in Jacksonville to the condo where we would be staying. Even though Paul was on the same plane as me, I had never met him before. I wasn’t able to pin point him prior to boarding and didn’t want to seem invasive asking for him during boarding, so I decided that looking for him when I got off would be best. The fly down was lackluster but satisfactory as I had a chance to relax and plan out my weekend. The event was on Sunday, but flying down on Thursday meant more time prior to the show to explore, capture shots, and meet others. As I exited the plane, I noticed a man wearing a McLaren jacket. Assuming this was Paul, I introduced myself. I was correct! It was him!


1992 Jaguar XJ15DSC_0790

1976 McLaren M26 F1DSC_0560

1971 McLaren M8FDSC_0531

Porsche 918 SpyderDSC_0332-2-Edit

2015 Corvette Z06 

After we gathered our stuff, Paul and I decided that food was a necessity and we headed out to a southern type restaurant for lunch. We were able to talk more about ourselves and our passion for cars. I was relieved that I would be spending my time with someone as knowledgeable and unique as Paul, as having never met, I didn’t know what to expect. Lunch ended and we went over to the Ritz Calton to get our passes for the weekend. I had to pick up Media Passes as well. As we arrived, we saw a Mercedes Benz SLR and a Porsche 918 elegantly parked. The anticipation I had up until now was met with two beautiful cars. This weekend would be memorable, I was sure of it.

Photos can be found here for all Amelia EventsAmelia Concours d'Elegance Photos


1923 Alfa Romeo RM SportDSC_0948-Edit

2005 Mercedez-Benz SLR McLaren


1957 Ferrari 250GT Tour de France  Zegato


Chris Brewer ( in his 1971 Datsun 240ZDSC_1123

1914 Mercedes FGP Race Car

I had called Michael Furman, one of the best automotive studio photographers, prior to leaving for Florida to see if he would be attending so we could meet up. He let me know that he would be doing book signings on Saturday and that I should visit him then. When Saturday arrived, I went to see him. He invited me to sit next to him at his booth as he met people and signed his books. I was amazed at the way he interacted with people and how his clients were seeking him out to arrange him to photograph their collection. As he spoke to them, he told them he sees me as a student and of course, that meant a lot to me!


2011 Alfa Romeo TZ3 StradaleDSC_0562-2

1996 McLaren F1 GTRDSC_0739

1958 Scarab Best of Show Concours De SportDSC_0794

Mercedes-Benz Sauber C9



2015 McLaren P1

As demonstrated with Michael being in attendance, I knew I was going to have some other talented photographers here. It was important for me to be on my A-game. I spotted a Ferrari P4 over from across the lawn and focused my attention to grab some different angled shots. This Ferrari #23 ended up belonging to James Glichenhaus. It was absolutely stunning and at in pure beauty. I grabbed some shots, which later appeared in some auto blogs and one even done in Italy! I had to translate their article to read what they had written! During the weekend, I was focused on getting as much in as possible and found myself running from one event to another. I didn’t want to miss anything! This was obviously impossible to avoid, and I missed out on a few things like the Honoree Jochen Mass driving around in his McLaren.


James Glickenhaus's 1967 Ferrari 330 P 3/4DSC_0676-Edit

1934 Bugatti Type 57DSC_0707-2


1977 BMW 320 Turbo

During one of the events, I was fortunate enough to be with Paul as we went over to the McLaren booth. We were able to sit in the new P1 as it was unveiled to the United States. As I sat there, a young boy came up to me to see if he could sit in the car as well. I helped him in and took a few photos of him in the car. He had pure excitement on his face on you could see him imagining himself down a long highway, shifting his paddle gears on the wheel. The Keno Brothers, appraisers for Antiques Roadshow, came up to me to see if they could get the photos I had just took of the boy as he was their nephew! Of course! I introduced them to Paul and got a photo of all of them next to the McLaren P1.


Paul Wuori showing the Keno Bros. his involvement with McLaren

DSC_0008-3 DSC_0020-2

Interior of the McLaren P1DSC_0881-2

Mclaren P1DSC_0875

 Paul Wuori Sr. "Batt" McLaren Cars Close friends with Bruce McLaren 


Bruce Mclaren's 1967 Mclaren M6A Winner: Griot's Garage

The group of guys I was staying with at the condo were all interested in the auctions. One of the main interests was to see the current value of cars. We made our way over and watched as the event begun. Having a media pass afforded me the opportunity to be up close and next to some of the big names and players in the auctions. One memorable part was standing just a few feet away from Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars and owns F40 Motorsports in Connecticut. Later, Rich introduced me to Wayne, and it was great to talk to him. He was just one of many people I was able to meet on this trip.


1959 Porsche 718 RSK



 1939 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Torpedo Roadster sold for   $6.6 million


 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi


 1974 Iso Grifo 7-Liter sold for $440,000 at RM Auctions



Bill Warner the host of the Amelia Concours celebrates with the winners

I am looking forward to what awaits me in Florida this year. I will be expanding the trip to include visiting family, though I have already warned them that some editing and writing will have be done.


Other Images


1921 Duesenberg Model A Bender Coupe DSC_1099-2

1972 Eagle OFFYDSC_1006

 1954 Maserati A6GCSDSC_0987 DSC_0945

1975 BMW 3.0 CSL Group 4DSC_0923

Porsche 718 RSKDSC_0917

1976 MCLAREN M26 F1



1948 Ferrari 166




1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2


1908 Apache


1937 Bugatti Atalante Coupe


A.J. Foyt's 1961 Watson


1920 Bugatti Type 40 Grand Sport


1969 Porsche 917K


1911 Thor Single-Cylinder Board Track Racer


Hood Ornament for the 1937 Horch 853


1937 Bugatti Type 57


Tojiero Jaguar MK3


Hot day at the Festivals of Speed


1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Alloy


1977 BMW 320 Turbo


Getting ready for the road tour


Lamborghini Murcielago SV


1958 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato


1939 Aston Martin 15/98 Short Chassis Open Sports Sold for $616,000


Allard K3


BMW 507

DSC_0153 DSC_0183

Paul Wuori signing a helmet with other members of McLaren race team

DSC_0190-2 DSC_0152

1921 Alfa Romeo G1


1946 MG TC-S


Custom Carbon Motorcycle at the Festivals of Speed


Porsche 918 Interior


Batman on custom bike at the Festivals of Speed event


1986 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole


Custom Iron Man Bike at the Festivals of Speed


1965 Shelby GT350R Sold for $984,500



James Glickenhaus's 1967 Ferrari 330 P 3/4


1937 Horch 853


1953 Kircher Special


1975 BMW 3.0 CSL Group 4 


1961 Ferrari 250 GT Series II Cabriolet by Pininfarina Sold for $1,760,000


Jaguar XK150


1958 Goggomobil T400


1959 Fiat 600 Jolly by Ghia


1937 Cord 812 SC Cabriolet my favorite!



1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

DSC_0013 DSC_0017-Edit

Delahaye Custom


1955 Maserati A6G/54

DSC_0061-2 DSC_0543-2

2005 Porsche Carrera GT


1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato



1996 McLaren F1 GTR