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The 7th Annual Misselwood Concours d'Elegance

It was just after sunrise when I had set out to Beverly, MA for the Misselwood Concours d'Elegance. After an eventful night out with the guys, the morning had come too soon and the chirps of the birds greeted me as I packed up my gear. Luckily, it was a bit of a drive to get there so I had plenty of time to wake up and focus on the day. I arrived a little bit after 8 am, and was greeted by my friend, Chris Brewer, who is a writer for Automotive and CarFax. Due to time restraints, Chris and I were limited to our amount of chit-chat but we would bid each other a successful day of capturing the beauties that were to be showcased.SFD_8166-Edit SFD_8141-Edit SFD_8087SFD_8777DSC_0038Before the crowds of people arrived, I made sure to do the rounds and photograph the cars without many of the visual distractions that arise when others are adorning its details. While each car was eye catching in its own respective, there were a few standouts. One of them was the 1933 Austin 7 Deluxe Saloon that was licensed and copied from a variety of automotive manufacturers. The first BMW car, the BMW Dixie ,was actually an Austin 7. So was the Rosengart in France. The first Saloon was designed by E. C. Gordan. He was a British coachbuilder that raced this 10.2 hp car in several events.SFD_8965 SFD_9037SFD_8197SFD_8712DSC_0082As I finished my rounds, I watched as the crowds came in, enjoying the beautiful day with the rays of sun that came down on them and the cars. As I admired the perfect day, I spotted a few friends and made my way to say hello to each. It is always great to see Rich Doucette, Peter Bourassa, Tom Larsen, and Nancy Monaghan.SFD_8219 SFD_8826 SFD_8840 SFD_8212Later on the fashion show began and it was well done. All of the women showcased beautiful and elegant attire, making the theme of the classy cars be also seen with the clothing from Bella Sera Bridal.  The DJ played popular dance music as the models wore fashionable dresses. Later, I was able to have them model with the cars and capture some great shots. Two of the women were also cheerleaders for the Patriots and it was great to meet them.SFD_8735 SFD_8421 SFD_8753 SFD_8652 SFD_8742SFD_8730As the day progressed, I had lunch at the VIP tent with Joe and Judi Moccia. We talked about what the future holds for SFD and what necessary steps are needed to progress. I always welcome feedback and others ideas on how to improve myself and my business. I showed Joe his appearance in the Misselwood Magazine that was being passed around that day.SFD_8772 SFD_8136-Edit SFD_8155 SFD_8184 SFD_8189-Edit SFD_8939The day ended with Chris and I photographing the Best in Show winner, James Taylors' 1954 Cunningham C3, alongside the ocean for a gorgeous shot. Out of the three years I have attended, the last two I have been the official photographer. The judges and volunteers do a magnificent job and time and again make this event memorable. I look forward to another successful year with them and everyone else involved next year.SFD_9027SFD_9017SFD_8995SFD_8991Edited by: Stephanie Montaquila

Winners List

Ervin "Bud" Lyon III Best in Show Award - 1954 Cunningham C3 - James W. Taylor


Class I- Brass & Nickel (Thru 1925)

Best in Class - 1922 Detroit Electric 90B - Bill and Linda Lillie


Misselwood Award - 1923 Ford Model T Truck - Dave and Gail Overberg

Class II- Classic & Significant ( Thru 1932)

Best in Class - 1932 Chrysler Imperial CH5 - William and Tina Sipko


Misselwood Award - 1932 Plymouth PB Roadster - Kevin Biebel


Class III- Pre-War Classic & Significant 1933 to 1942 (American)

Best in Class - 1941 Lincoln Zephyr - Edward Avedision


Misselwood Award - 1933 Packard 10th Series - Owls Head Transportation Museum

Class IV- Pre-War Classic & Significant 1933 to 1942 (Imported)

Best in Class - 1938 Bentley 4.25 DHC - Mark Harrison


Misselwood Award - 1936 Morgan 4/4 - Dennis Momchur


Class V- (Gil Steward Class) Vintage Sport & GT (Thru 1959) under 2.5L

Best in Class - 1955 Arnolt Bristol Bolide - Walter Scott


Misselwood Award - 1954 Maserati A6GCS - Bruce Male


Class VI - Vintage Sport & GT (1960-1969)

Best in Class - 1968 Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa - Tom Zarella


Misselwood Award - 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC - Tom Larsen


Class VII- Vintage Sport & GT (Thru 1959) over 2.5L

Best in Class - 1952 Allard J2X - James W. Taylor


Misselwood Award - 1955 Jaguar XK-140 - John Gendelman


Class VIII- Most Significant (1946-1954)

Best in Class - 1947 Chrysler Town and Country - Don Poinsette


Misselwood Award - 1947 Ford Super Deluxe - David Daoust


Class IX- Most Significant (1955-1959)

Best in Class - 1958 Desoto Adventurer - Vernon Smith


Misselwood Award - 1959 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire - David and Karen Brown


Class X- Most Significant (1960-1969)

Best in Class - 1963 VW Transporter Deluxe Microbus - Jim Bowdring


Misselwood Award - 1966 Lincoln Continental - John and Jeanne Talbourdet


Class XI- Most Significant (From 1970)

Best in Class - 1972 Datsun 240Z - Jeffrey Mader


Misselwood Award - 1985 Ferrari Mondial - Frank Gagliardi


Class XII- American Muscle Cars

Best in Class - 1971 Chevy Corvette 427 Coupe - Jack Goodwin


Misselwood Award - 1965 Chevy Chenille Malibu SS - Michael Chiavetta Sr.


Class XIII- Motorcycles (Thru 1960)

Best in Class - 1948 Matchless G80 - Cycles 128

Misselwood Award  - 1907 Merkle Light - Cycles 128

Class XIV - Motorcycles (From 1960)

Best in Class - 1964 Honda 305 Dream - Cycles 128

Class XV - Preservation (Unrestored)

Best in Class - 1907 Merkle Light - Cycles 128

Lincoln Trophy

1940 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 - Larry Tribble


Chrysler Imperial Trophy

1928 Chrysler Imperial Model 72 - Michael Kaleal


Valle R. Nelson Memorial Trophy

1953 Jaguar XK-120 - Bill Scheffler


Endicott Trophy

1933 Austin 7 Deluxe Saloon - Douglas Redman


Chairman's Trophy

1958 Austin Healey Sprite - Dirk Burrowes