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Historic Festival 34 at Lime Rock Park

What was a 5 day weekend full of bewildered street beasts, unfortunately funneled in one hearty day filled with the smell of race fuel and seared rubber.  Between auction and magazine shoots I was able to squeeze this spectacular event into my busy schedule.

SFD_5715 SFD_4137 SFD_4113SFD_4147SFD_4240

Upon arriving at Lime Rock Park a scenic track nestled in the mountains of Lakeville Connecticut I headed down to Paddock A to see what cars would be tearing up the asphalt this time around.  My mindset for this event was to capture images for my blog but more or less give people an inside scoop of what its like to be a trackside photographer.  Facebook live has been beneficial to others as they are able to see the races from a view that only one with a professional status would be able to see.  Many people wanted to attend but had other obligations they had to do, so I was able to give them the inside scoop.

SFD_4125 SFD_4971 SFD_5730 SFD_5803

Throughout the day Wayne, Shawn and I moved from one location to the other depending on the lighting of the track.  While forgetting my monopod at home my arms were weakening as I was holding up a heavy lens the 105-600mm.  I came home with more than necessary slightly blurry shots than I wanted to.  Blur is something that I have a hard time with and is not in my vocabulary.

SFD_5173SFD_4230 SFD_4407 SFD_5756 SFD_6302 SFD_6451

The experience was something I have never encountered which was when the American Muscle group was at hand and having them rip by me, some of them sideways up over the hill screaming in my ear sending bits of rubber and dirt in my face.  Ohhhh so that’s why other photographers were wearing ear plugs.    It was great to shoot alongside Ed Hyman at the flag station.  All in all it made for a great Saturday and I am already looking forward to next years event.

SFD_5519 SFD_5817 SFD_6005 SFD_5169SFD_4500SFD_4993Extra Images

SFD_4567 SFD_5624 SFD_5589 SFD_4734 SFD_5244 SFD_5121 SFD_5077 SFD_5399-2 SFD_5773 SFD_6043 SFD_6072 SFD_6418 SFD_6090 SFD_5826 SFD_5493 SFD_5727 SFD_4122 SFD_4119 SFD_4110 SFD_5406 SFD_5677 SFD_5229 SFD_5009 SFD_4619 SFD_4424 SFD_4295

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