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SEMA 2016


You ask, what is an acceptable time to wake up when you have be at the airport for a 6 hour flight? Let’s just say I had to be up at 4:30am. A car pulls up to my apartment, sitting in the front seat is Matthew Keefe, my early morning wake up “uber friend” ride to Logan Airport. I smile as I arrive at the airport and the big Dunkin’ Donuts sign confronts me. Morning jolt time, as I take a long sip to get that chocolatey goodness. Taking that first sip as I’m headed towards the gate and what do I taste, watered down hot cocoa…this is how I start my morning. Now sitting on my flight for 6 hours and counting, the watered down hot cocoa isn’t bad enough as the women next to me starts to throw up. Good morning Josh, you are now cruising at 30,000 feet for 6 hours smelling the wonderful odor of vomit.

SFD_3803SFD_3875SFD_3559 SFD_4659 DSC_0082 DSC_0023

On a happier note, this year I met up with my friend Grant Ritchey, who has been driving/traveling around the country exploring what everything has to offer. Since I knew he was a good traveling partner, we decided to meet in Vegas for SEMA. Finally getting to my Las Vegas destination, I’m greeted by Grant. We then proceed to the Luxor Hotel to check in before heading to the Convention Center. Don’t know what SEMA stands for? SEMA is Specialty Equipment Market Association. Its media day, which means I get to go in and take pictures before opening day. I grabbed my gear and headed down to the showroom and started taking pictures. Sometimes I’m a bit spoiled since I get to take pictures with no crowds or stepping on crowds of people to get a picture of a beautiful car. 30 mins runs down on the clock as I get to participate in something I’ve always dreamed of. Media day was now officially over and I had to pack up my equipment and head out.DSC_0504-Edit DSC_0617 SFD_3280 SFD_3221 SFD_3374 SFD_3353

Continuing on my journey, Grant and I later met up with an old friend who just happened to live on the Hanscom Air Force Base. We got to watch F-16 fighter jets land from their training missions, so naturally I grabbed a few shots of them in the hanger. What a great experience the day had brought me. Grant and I decided to explore Vegas a bit and grabbed dinner and this place called Holesteins, a neat little burger joint that had outstanding delicious alcoholic milkshakes. Did I mention it was infused with alcohol? Think of a milkshake topped with an ice cream cookie that’s what my heart attack of a dessert was like.SFD_3256 SFD_3167 SFD_3122 SFD_3128 SFD_3437 SFD_3624 SFD_3831

I forgot to mention that it’s Halloween. Yes, Halloween in VEGAS! So naturally we had to go out on the town, and I stumbled on the Diplo concert which was being held at XS Club. The club that has most girls wearing practically nothing, but of course when you’re in Vegas…you know the phrase. I look down at my watch and realize its 7am and I have to be at SEMA for 9am. Pulled an all-nighter, which at this moment I’m not sure was a smart move.SFD_3800 SFD_3486 SFD_3403 SFD_3312 SFD_3309 DSC_0403 DSC_0031

Uber, the best thing anyone can ask for because as I recall last year I took numerous taxis and spent a fortune. Sadly I forgot to mention to you that I came down with a bad cold during my second day in Vegas, the WORST. Made everything difficult as I had plans to meet up with friends from back home, but couldn’t because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.

SFD_5560 SFD_3900 SFD_3891 DSC_0648 DSC_0064 DSC_0325 SFD_3852Bumping into Chris Pettrucio from Krispy Media was a great factor as he was there working for Accuair. Chris and I have worked together at Monticello Motor Club for Miller Motors and the McLaren P1 Bonanza.SFD_3583 SFD_3499 SFD_3448 SFD_3345SFD_3573 SFD_3786SFD_4688

As SEMA comes to a close, the rollout portion of the event where thousands of cars unload from the convention center and make their way across the street to a massive parking lot for SEMA Ignited. I had the perfect vantage point, as I sat right behind a police car that just happened to be parked in the middle of the road. With everyone trying to grab the perfect spot, it was hard to keep saying excuse me while I tried to grab those perfect shots.SFD_4907 SFD_5031 SFD_4879 SFD_4735 SFD_5605SFD_5183

The final event of the night had arrived, Formula drift and I had the privilege of obtaining yet another media pass. Nothing like being in the middle of the course as cars are sliding mere inches from you and the lens. Talk about a dangerous but yet outstanding experience as I got the thrills of smoke from the cars engulfing me and covering my lens.SFD_6220 SFD_6206 SFD_6284 SFD_6142

At the end of the day, would I do this trip in 2017? As much as I enjoyed it as was a change of pace from my normal day, I would have to press pause and come back 2-3 years from now to gain another perspective. Next on my list however is to attend the new Concours event like the one at Pebble Beach or travel across the pond to see the Isle of Man TT or Goodwood. For now I will stick with what I love and can obtain. Saying so long from Vegas and stay tuned for my next wild car adventures.

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Sema 2016