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1932 Alta LeMans


2014 was the year I made my debut at Lime Rock Park as a photographer, and where I met the wonderful gentleman who owns this beautiful 1932 Alta LeMans.  A man that travels the world racing vintage cars as a passion. He’s given me the opportunity to be around some of the world’s most spectacular automobiles and with this opportunity, I’ve become great friends with one of the most humble people I know. When I photographed his Ferrari F40, I saw this Alta sitting in the garage and instantly fell in love.  For days I was trying to find more information on this beautiful Alta but could only find one article. This is a very rare car as Alta was a company that was very small, but very noble for making all of the parts including the engines for their cars.  Usually in racing the smaller companies borrow parts for larger ones.  Alta is out of Surrey, England and first competed in the 1932 24 Hours of LeMans with this very car.  The original chassis and engine #14 are still in this car after all of these years and different owners. Now you can kind of see how giddy I am about seeing this car up close and personal.

Driven by Ludovic Ford and his co-driver N.H. Baumer in the 1932 24 Hour LeMans and now driven by a great racer known by the name of, Nick Grewal.

If you want to read more about the Alta company, I would suggest reading this article: