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Insanity at it's Finest on this Huayra BC Ride


It all started back at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum member’s party back in 2014. I was outside photographing the museum, when I saw people surrounding an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, while someone is revving the engine of the car. It sounds absolutely spectacular!  The growl of the engine was enormous and nothing, at the time, comparable to it production wise.  I walked over with my camera and had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the Alfa, Greg. After chatting with him for a while, he invited me to come to MIT, where he had his car stored. We then set off for some early morning adventures through Boston. Being creative, I thought it would be a great idea to grab a picture of the Alfa under the Zakim Bridge. Even though we had to sneak into the dog park to take pictures, it was overall a great day and the pictures came out great.

Years had gone by as I followed Greg on Instagram.  He was traveling all over living the dream any car lover would want.  His passion for cars and having an extensive collection of the rarest modern Hyper and Supercars has wowed the world, including myself.  Knowing more about him, I came to notice that his favorite or main color is green. I also noticed that orange was another one of his signature colors. Most people say, “Must be Nice” but I say, “What a great way to live your life”.  With exotic cars in his possession, he loves to drive them all and never takes his foot off the gas. The Pagani, which I had photographed early on, had snow tires on it and of course the next week he was out practically doing donuts with his snow tires. It’s great that he can drive these cars as if they don’t go for millions of dollars.

The adventure that started out with my jaw on the floor, was when I saw a posting of his Huayra BC in Boston.  I was heading to Florida in a week and thought it would be a great time to spend some lost time with him before I was gone for the winter.  I have sat in a few Huayra’s before but never had a thrilling ride.  Naturally I reached out to Greg to see if I could grab a ride. He responded back and I had the ride of my life, while I was holding on for dear life. As any photographer knows it is tough to find suitable locations for shoots.  As we drove through some winding back roads in Lexington we stumbled upon a location that, if taken at the right angles could really work.  I can’t thank Greg enough for sharing my photos on his Instagram page and helping me out. Overall it’s great to meet new people, who can help you out in the long run.

Please enjoy these photos and if any of you have any requests on a possible feature just reach out!  Thank you.  Greg's Instagram tag is Gregb.23  All of the cars he posts are his.