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Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini unveiled the Urus, which happens to be the new SUV. At first I had the feeling many people did.  Why would a company like Lamborghini, which has the stigma of exotic, out of this world, cars with sharp lines fall suit to the rest of the car manufacturers and create an SUV?  After seeing it in person I could give a pat on the back to the designer, Mitja Borkert for keeping those distinguished Lamborghini lines.  The vehicle is spectacular and has many design cues from the Aventador.  I know, you are thinking the same thing, that even though this is an SUV, it still has that Lambo feel to it.

Even though I wasn’t able to take the vehicle outside from the dealership, due to run cycle monitoring, I decided that light painting was due, as I wanted to try to escape the white background.  We were working with the Ambient light from the dealership parking lights and passing by cars’ headlights.  Being able to take a few seconds and sit in the vehicle, gave me a sense that this was the ultimate SUV.  Knowing all the exotic cars that are out there, I’m happy to say that I’ve driven the Bentley Bentayga and this didn’t have the luxury vibe one bit.  It felt like I was in the new Huracan.  The fact that this vehicle can reach an astronomical speed of 190mph is absolutely absurd.  Lamborghini is coining it the first Super Sport Utility as it carries the speed, agility and luxury of its predecessors.  It has the first turbocharged engine ever put into a Lamborghini.  It’s nothing like Lamborghinis first SUV, which was the square shaped sluggish LM002.

It has 650hp with 627 Lbs torque at 2250 RPM with a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds.  Being an SUV, Lamborghini kept in mind the aero of the vehicle was very important as it created great opportunities to reduce wind noise, give more downforce and to achieve better engine efficiency. The wheels themselves also have aero designs to help out.  This Urus was sporting the 1,700 watt Bang and Olufsen audio system packed with 21 speakers.  Talk about sitting in the center at the Boston Symphony Hall.  Incredible acoustics to keep you entertained when you are caught in a traffic jam.

One of the coolest aesthetics in the interior is the “Tamburo” which is the mechanism where you can control all of the different driving modes.  Lamborghini added a few off-road modes for the daring souls that would take this off-road.  I actually know a few people that would take it to its limits.

I would like to thank Andrew Tartigula at Orlando Lamborghini for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with this wonderful automobile and learn more about the SUV world.