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Coast to Coast and Never had to Leave the Couch Pt.2

Welcome back to my drive across country experience! If you missed Part One, please read the post before this one. Part 1 of this story This section is all about Monterey and Car Week.

Upon arriving in Monterey, California, we met up with the new owner of the car that we have been driving for the last 3,000 miles. He was in the same model car, only his is red. 

We met up with a group of other car Enthusiasts and took a voyage down the Pacific Coast Highway to a tasty food venue called the Phoenix.

One of Fernando’s friends, John Mims, lives in Monterey and he was nice enough to let a couple of us stay at his place for the week. Was that ever amazing! I was able to sit on his deck overlooking the bay and peacefully edit photos. Later, we went with John to pick up his DeLorean for its maiden drive. We were driving for about 10 min when something went wrong. Fortunately, it was relatively minor, and the storage that housed his vintage Mini Cooper was just up the street. You should have seen the cars that were passing us – absolutely stunning! I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this part.

Later that evening, John got us into a party that costs close to $1,000 a ticket called McCall’s.The party had everything – private jets, warbirds, rare vintage cars, RUF, and pricey exotics along with some car celebrities and red carpets. John Campion was there with a few of his Lancia Race cars, and Hennessey brought their Velociraptor 6x6 and the F5. The thing I remember most from the show was this gorgeous woman in all white that absolutely stole the show. Everyone I talked to was like, “Did you see that?” Umm, how could you not? At the end of the night, she got in her Audi R8 V10 Plus and took off into the night.

The next morning, we headed down to the main street to watch the show cars come back from their tour. I found a perfect spot on the street corner. Not three minutes later, the cars started rolling in. Unfortunately, one of the guys directing cars stood smack dab in the middle of the shot. Even with everyone was telling him to move he stayed in the way. He had no reason to even be there as there was already another guy directing traffic about five feet to his right. The picture with the guy in a black jacket is him.

In the Ferrari 250 photo is Stu Copley riding passenger. Stu owns Copley Motorcars in the Boston area. He has some of the most unique automobiles at his shop, so make sure to swing on by.They parked the show cars on the main strip and there were other amazing cars on side streets like the W Motors Lykan Hypersport and Fenyr Supersport. I was amazed and a little shocked that they lined cars up like these right in the open. I definitely saw people brushing up against $10 million cars…

One of my jobs is as a catalog photographer for RM Auctions. In my opinion, they always have the best displays at events and this year was no different. I was happy they set up benches in their display near Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Ford as there were many vehicles that needed quality time to admire. A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for a record breaking $48.4 Million; a1966 Ford GT40 MK II sold for $9.7 Million, while a 1963 Aston Martin DP215 Grand Touring Competition Prototype sold for $21.4 Million. Crazy stuff!

One thing I want to stress is that this is wasn’t a vacation for me. The day of the show I was at the event at 4am light painting some of the concept cars. It was tough as there was other light sources and security to deal with. My good friend Joe Freeman was a judge and I asked for a favor to get me into the show. He had an extra pass and it was pretty much one step down from Media. My media credentials were declined at the very last minute and because this was my first time photographing this event, I knew I was going to have to walk around like I ran the joint.

The pass I got from Joe didn’t allow me behind the ropes of the Tuckers, but it did get me in the Stevenson room with all of the judges and up in the viewing area. That, and free drinks and delicious food in the Stevenson Room at the 18th Green of Pebble Beach. Sweet.

Joe graciously invited me to go to Laguna Seca for the Monterey Historics. The famous Corkscrew is really gnarly!I decided to try and get different shots from further back instead of up close. There weren’t many places to shoot from, so I was limited and slightly frustrated. I don’t know if I had better access if I would get better shots. I’ll just have to find out next year!

This crazy trip end at the craziest place of all – San Francisco. My friend from high school lives there and he asked me to stop by for a day or two. He took me to all of the different sections and all of the dive bars. I kept asking him if I could take photos inside and the answer was always no. He wanted them to keep their nostalgia and not be over-run by tourists. I got the impression from my visit that classic arcades are coming back which is cool. I had a great time in San Fran.

Overall, the trip was an incredible experience! 2018 ended up being one of my best years yet, and I’m going to do my best to make 2019 even better!

If you see any photos that you might want to have or to see more click these links.  Thank you everyone for following my adventures!

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