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Not 1..not 2.. but 6 Ford GT's Terrorize Palmer Motorsports Park

Recently Russ Rocknak reached out to me and told me we’re doing an important private shoot at Palmer Motorsports Park. “Josh,” he said, “We’re doing a generation shoot of Ford GTs and we want you to take the photos.”  My jaw hit the floor! There’s been one photo I’ve always wanted to take: In Forza Motorsport I took a picture through the air duct of the 2017 GT with the 60’s car in the distance. Here was my chance to finally do it! After the call I was dancing around my place like I just won the lottery.  Woohoo!


I was absolutely blown away the day of the shoot. First, an incredibly loud 1965 GT drives by. I look over at the garage, and there were five more cars just sitting there, two from each generation! I couldn’t wait to get started with the shoot.


I met Richard Viard and Scott Rocknak who are the other media people that I work alongside with to discuss how we are going to make this epic shoot happen. We had the track map on a massive white board and we talked about each of the cars and the most efficient and effective places to shoot them. I wanted to work with all of the blue GTs, and I thought that it would be nice for Rich to work with the two black cars and one blue.

We brainstormed about the history of the Ford GT and how we could replicate the car’s incredible heritage through our work. Back when Ferrari and Ford were major rivals at LeMans in the 1960s and the GT40 crushed Ferrari, all the drivers would stand on one side of the track at the starting grid, then sprint to their cars and take off down the track. We thought it would be fun to attempt to recreate that moment. I worked with the first couple of turns and Rich worked on the last few so that we captured a range of different angles and backdrops.


As the day went on, I asked to go for a ride in one of the new GTs and fortunately I was able to. The thrill was immense! It was also thrilling to listen to a classic GT40 snarling away in front of us as we flew around this magnificent track. I also love hopping into the bed of a truck with several people holding on to me as we put all six cars on the track at the same time and captured some rolling shots!


This shoot couldn’t have been any more incredible – I was living it up! I can’t thank Russ enough for this wonderful opportunity. It was a privilege being able to shoot these legendary cars and work with such wonderful people. This is why I love what I do!

Joshua Sweeney